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  • Location: Collinsport, Maine, United States of America

Single Malts. Horseback Riding.


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  • Christina Horn's picture
    In gratitude
    Left by Christina Horn, on Oct 10, 2010 - 9:02
    I wanted to offer you a free download of the song Fade bc you are a listener on my page. You can email me directly or Go to www.hudsonkmusic.com and sign the email list. I will send you another free mp3 of YOUR choice if you write me christina@hudsonkmusic.com. Thanks for the support!
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  • Turtle Love Records's picture
    thank you
    Left by Turtle Love Records, on Aug 26, 2010 - 16:41
    thank you for supporting my music : ) serena lauren
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  • Jarrod Gollihare's picture
    "...But I'm Dying"
    Left by Jarrod Gollihare, on Jun 14, 2010 - 17:46
    The latest Admiral Twin upload to uvumi.com, "...But I'm Dying," is quite the poppity-pretty-rock thing. It's also a free download. (In case you're wondering, no animals were harmed during the recording of this song...though we somehow managed to scare our neighbor's cat pretty badly. No worries. It's all better now.)

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  • Robby's picture
    Left by Robby, on Mar 10, 2010 - 14:16
    thanks for enjoying lexi's music! i promise i'll get her signed up on the site very soon so she can thank you instead of me!
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  • MusicMissionary's picture
    Left by MusicMissionary, on Feb 22, 2010 - 17:52
    Yep, your avatar is pretty recognizable too. You were the guy who helped me round up the country tunes on T61. We're gonna have to see what country music we can track down on this place. I have a list going, but it's way too small. Have you heard the Weary Boys? They're pretty damn impressive.
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    • 2thyme's picture
      Left by 2thyme, on Feb 24, 2010 - 13:37
      You know, I've been so busy trying to turn up old t61 artists, I haven't checked. The Weary Boys are the real deal, alright. I took a quick look and didn't find any of my t61 favorites. But have a look at Copperhead (not bad for Brits). Rhonda Kaye and Felicia Ford have some good tunes. More blues than country is the Oglee Moglee Blues Band but you might like them. I liked the Brown Liquor Blues. Obvious really :)
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  • poetslabyrinth's picture
    Left by poetslabyrinth, on Feb 22, 2010 - 12:08
    I posted the comment and realized I didn't sign my name. Thanks again:)

    Tiffany Apan
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    • 2thyme's picture
      Most Welcome
      Left by 2thyme, on Feb 22, 2010 - 17:22
      Hi Tiffany, thank you for sharing your music with us. I plan to get back to your page soon. Keep in touch.
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      • poetslabyrinth's picture
        Will do:)
        Left by poetslabyrinth, on Feb 24, 2010 - 15:33
        Awesome:) Will do:) I'm working on my second album so there will be some new tracks in the coming months:)
  • poetslabyrinth's picture
    Thank you:)
    Left by poetslabyrinth, on Feb 22, 2010 - 12:07
    Thanks for listening and enjoying the music:) Hope you have a fabulous week.
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  • Left by Jon Hecox, on Feb 20, 2010 - 11:56
    Hey, thanks for the single malt suggestion - I've only managed to afford cheap scotch thus far, and it's always been a regrettable purchase. But that was a long time ago too. At least 3-4 years. Hell, I used to not like whiskey of any kind, just vodka. But those days are long gone haha

    I see you live in Maine. Are there strict liquor laws there? Washington state has some pretty crappy ones. Stores only open until 7pm and the bars can't serve any alcohol after 2am. I moved to AZ once and was blown away by ow different (relazed) the laws were there.

    The only thing I miss about AZ though lol
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    • 2thyme's picture
      Cold River
      Left by 2thyme, on Feb 21, 2010 - 11:32
      Well if you want a good scotch that isn't a single malt (and a fair bit less expensive) try the Famous Grouse. Maine has a pretty liberal set of liquor laws. Since you mentioned vodka, there is a very nice little potato vodka called Cold River that is made in Maine. It's a little pricey but stands its own against Chopin in bang for the buck.
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  • KWeinberg's picture
    Welcome to Uvumi...
    Left by KWeinberg, on Feb 13, 2010 - 14:22
    Nice to see you here.
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  • I'll do my best...
    Left by Jamie Rumley, on Feb 12, 2010 - 9:09
    to not launch it til you are back... more than likely won't be done, I'm being very picky this time with the music/vocals/everything.
    Why j-dot? it's a nickname I was given awhile back and t61 wouldn't let me use it so I had to use classicjamie... plus I just love confusing everyone :D haha.
    Hope you have a nice/safe trip. Take care and see ya around. Cheers!
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    • 2thyme's picture
      am back
      Left by 2thyme, on Feb 17, 2010 - 18:31
      really, I'm going to start listening to music here soon. sigh.
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